Rangefinder - Leica CRF1600 or Swarovski Laser Guide?


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Mar 27, 2012
Kingwood, TX
Looking to get a rangefinder for some long range shooting/hunting. What would you guys recommend, the Leica CRF1600 or Swarovski Laser Guide?

I know there are some new ones like the G7, just not really looking to spend $1000+ on something.

Or any other suggestions would be helpful.
I had the laser guide and a buddy had the Leica. They were both great. We found the swaro to range a little more consistantly and a little farther out. The swaro doesn't give angles though. I don't recall if the Leica did or not. You also get a great 8x monocular in the swaro.
I have the leica 1600. It does have the incline correction you can turn on and off. I like it and it does do 1600 yards. I dont know what the swaro goes for but I think you cant go wrong with either.
I have both.My Swarovski will out range my leica 1600. The Leica DID NOT WORK AT FIRST HAD TO GET IT REPLACED . It does not like real cold -10 it would not read. The Swarovski would. But they donot like bright sun so i just got a Vectronix PLRF-05 IT LOVES THE SUN. Joe
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