Ram shot Big Boy powder results

Steve in Mi

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May 28, 2001
I am still testing this powder but have found it to be easy to work with so far.
Test gun is a new ruger mk77 Varmint/target rifle, in 25-06. Vey nice chamber and a short throat. All brass was prepped and neck turned.
100 Sierra bthp MK 62 gns went 3457
No pressure signs at all. groups where not bad. These where seated just off the lands .005 have more that are seated in .005 incrments, as well as other bullet types nosler and Hornady. Well update as i test.
Great velocity with this powder.
Steve, I've no experience with any of the slower burning Ramshot powders, but have gone through over a keg of TAC in a .223 Savage. Last years load was 26.5 grains with 52's, accuracy was more than acceptable for a field gun. This spring, I loaded up some 68's with 24.5 grains, and the results were excellent. No pressure, very good accuracy, and 2933 FPS. 3,000 should be attainable with a few more tenths.

I had some early concerns about temperature sensitivity, but after shooting the same load from -20 to plus 107, those concerns were unfounded.

Future plans include some testing of TAC and Big Game in a couple of 22-250's and a 6/250. So far, so good. Seems like a good product.

I have I think that the the gun does not like the 100 grn bullets. I wil try some lighter bullet maybe some 75 v-maxs if it likes them then try your bullets Clint. I have loaded it in my 300 ultra and have gotten some great groups. I shot a ragged hole yesterday measured at .41 ( measure the BR way) That was with a 178 a-max. But to testing with the 25 though.
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