Ram shot powders

Steve in Mi

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May 28, 2001
Would like some feedback on ramshot. I would like to try the big boy or big game. I have the load data from them but the 300 RUM is not listed waiting for them to get back with me.If some one has tried it or is using it I would like to hear from them, thanks
Well I did not get any feedback on Ram shot. I did however buy 1 lb of the big boy. I spoke to a few ohter form another board and got some good info. I will post my results.

Sorry for the no response on Ramshot, guess we don't have anyone using that powder yet, you'll apparently be the first.

Thanks for the offer to post your results.

I have a custom 338 UltraMag coming real soon and will need some load info for that. It'll have a stubby little 27 1/2 PacNor barrel but I want it mostly as a carry rifle and plan to shoot the new Sierra 250 HPBT MK or the Sierra 250 SBT GameKing.
I will be happy to share what ever info I come up with. I called Rame shot( westernpowder) and it was after hours the Owner Doug( he did not ell he was the owner until i made a joke about only the owner awnser the phone after hours) But anyways he was very nice and helped me out the best he could. He did give me a large amount of data and a contact there that has now shot over 5 K worth of 300 RUM. They are doing some testing for a large ammo maker . Thay have been testing powder and bullet weight s to be able to get the ballstics that they claim. The current powder they have will not and does not get the claimed velocity( reloader 25). I am alos using X-Terminator powder for my 223. I will post the data as it comes along. www.ramshot.com
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