Quick release scope mounts


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Nov 14, 2009
I am in need of two scopes both will be for long range use and will both be on long action Rem 700's (270WIN and 338RUM). Would it be a good idea to use quick release mounts on both of them and simply swap one nice scope back and forth? I realize that the Zero will be different but if I know what it is then I can simply adjust the turrets as needed.

The reason I am thinking of this is simply for costs, I can either buy 2 Nikon Monarchs type scopes or one Leupold Mark 4 or similar at this time.

I already have one 270wsm rifle with Leupold QR mounts and it seems to do well with this system.


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Aug 23, 2008
east central fl. /n.c. pa.
years ago bausch&lomb made a series or scopes called balvar. i had several of them. the scope had no adjustments. all adjustments were in the mount. the idea being one scope could be used on several guns. it worked very well, once the mount was zeroed you could change as often as you like. several other companies also made mounts with adjustments. not sure id go that route for a long range rifle but the theory does work.
as for the new scopes, ive been a leupold user for many years and feel they are a fine product. however this year one of my scopes got damaged just days before the seaon began. i went to a large sporting goods store to buy another so i could have it right away. a week before a friend was telling me how impressed he was with a nikon he bought. i found the 4-16x 50 side focus nikon was less than half the cost of the 6.5x20 x50 lrt leupold. i bought the nikon, put in on the gun and shot hell out of it. it is clearer than my leupolds. the only thing i wish were different is the size of the turrets. but they work fine, so ill live with it. frankly im not in a hurry to get my leupold repaired. so my advise would be buy 2 nikons.
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