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If he is new to the sport he is going to need some grooming. I would clean the entire rifle with him and explain to him that to verify the accuracy of your load depends on a clean property functioning rifle. It will definitely help you on a load work up. As for me I have three Browning’s the hunter 300 WM, Hells Canyon 300 WM with cerakoted bolt, and the X-bolt pro long range 7mm RM coated as well all the actions are glass. He may simply not know gun maintenance. Explain to him when to clean as well. He obviously trusts your knowledge. Coach him up and he will stay in the game, after all we are all a family of shooters sharing knowledge with each other. Be positive and supportive. The US Army taught me and I taught others in Sand Hill down in Fort Benning Ga.

Which round are you working up?
It’s 6.5 prc, 153 Atips
Good to know. Thank you. I’ll give it a wipe when he brings it over next time and ask if he’s ever cleaned the barrel.
I've worked with 2 of these rifles and the bolt seemed fine to me on both. My other rifles are rem 700's, win M70, wby vanguard. The short bolt lift is the only thing that throws me a little. Both of those are the HCLR with cerakote. Give it a good cleaning and don't worry about how he feels about it, just tell him it will be a *** if he doesn't clean it.
I shoot an X-Bolt Max Long Range with a suppressor, and even after what some might argue is neglectful treatment (200 rounds in 3 days, all with the can, zero cleaning) the action was smooth. Makes me wonder if some of that carbon was lubing the action for me like a crappy graphite, there was enough of it in there.

I've seen a number of people who don't know to clean the packing grease/sticky gunk off new rifles, so maybe there's grit embedded in dried grease in the action.
Ya, I get the feeling the coating is probably not the issue I was noticing. Had me curious and appreciate the feedback. I’m sure he won’t mind if I give it a wipe down and see if that smooths it up. Definitely ain’t going to hurt it any
I was working on an x bolt the other day, and I could barely open the bolt , it was like stuck 3/4 of the way when trying to turn it open. I managed to get it out of the action and I figured that something very wrong was happening. It was the firing pin that was blocked by rust into the firing pin hole , and the friction was so important that It would barely move one way or the other. After removing the rust and a good clean the bolt was cycling fine and smoothly.
My browning hell’s canyon in 308 is the slickest bolt action I have ever used. Maybe I just got lucky. Just bought a Bergara HMR (LA) and although it is reasonably smooth it doesn’t compare with the browning in this area. Maybe the Bergara just needs a few more rounds through it.
Amp annealer said 119 after I burned one. Guessing that’s how many have been through the rifle. I didn’t see any rust and I highly doubt it’s ever seen a rainy day. I’m guessing it was never cleaned from factory and probably shooting in the dirt but who knows. I’m sure it will be fine with a little wipe down. Don’t really want to use any oil for fear of attracting more dirt if that’s the shooting environment
I have a 6.5 PRC Browning X-Bolt Pro (Bronze Cerakpte over stainless steel) and have NO problem with cycling the action. Check to see if it's clean. Check to see if small, white nylon bolt guide is in place.
There is an adjustment screw near the rear of the receiver that can allow the bolt to run looser or more tight in the receiver. See if that makes it smoother for you.
I finished this one up a couple weeks ago with everything going inside a 1”square at 200. He came by today and picked up 100 rds and my chronograph. Estimating 2950ish with the 153 Atips so he’s happy. There’s definitely something janky with that action but I know he doesn’t really care and it don’t matter to me. I wiped it down and cleaned his barrel before I started load work. Must say, I had 12 rounds total and was done. 4 rounds into 1” at 200 works for me. Really love the fit and feel of that rifle.
Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever called up bugholes and see if they would build a prefit with a custom barrel nut for these? That would be really sweet and probably push me over the edge to buy one so hopefully this is impossible
McGowen will thread barrels for the X-Bolt, I would think they're only available as shouldered and would still need to be headspaced when installed (not sure how "fit" you mean with "prefit", won't be a Remage style DIY). Shilen used to cut Browning threads, but buyer had to provide the thread pitch. I don't know why any decent smith couldn't cut the threads, it's just the metric system.

In the past A-Bolt actions had a reputation for cracking while removing the thread-locked in barrels, but if you chopped the old barrel down the action could probably be put in a jig and have the tenon cut out. It's only money, at the end of the day you could probably get a decent after-market action for the same cost, so what is the 60* bolt throw worth to you? I don't think my Brownings are worth the cost to rebarrel personally, not with so many better action choices available.
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