question for brent re laser bore sight

bob kudile

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Feb 6, 2003
brent, based on your very detailed post about the powder pro. i got a pact for christmas and will use your post as a guide. do you have any experience with laser bore sighters? i have a site lite sl-100 shown in the cabelas shooting catalog. i would appreciate any input you or others can give. thanks,bob
Hi Bob, welcome to LRH.

I wish I could help you here, but all I have ever used is my good old eyeball to look down the bore. How I do it and it works real well, it puts me on target at 100 yards within 4-6" at the most is just line the bore up dead on the bull, with the bolt removed of course. You need to get back from it a foot or two and center the muzzle end of the hole in the breach end of the hole. If you can do this "real" accuratly while moving the rifles bore to the bull you will be on target very, very close. I then dial my crosshairs down to the bull and I'm ready. I usually fire three shots for group, then get the gun down solid with the crosshairs back on the bull "exactly" at the point of aim before. Now I dial the crosshairs to the center of the group. Now when the crosshairs are brought back to the bull once again they now "drag" the bore there too.

I usually fire 2 or 3 more groups to confirm I got it right on the money. All of my drop charts are now keyed off of this zero. Zero the turrets and I'm off to make the chart at the other ranges where I fire at least 3 more groups at each range for accurate drops.

If I couldn't get on target with this method I'd get a bore sighter, but I get so **** close to the bull every time it has just never been worth it. It may take a few seconds longer this way but I don't have to do it very often and it works very accuratly.

Good luck with it, let us know how well they work. It should get you on target easily though.

Email me if you have any questions about the Powder Pro. I bought my dad the "Powder Pro Trickler" on closeout at Graff and Sons for about $70.00 to go with his scale. He likes his Dillon measurers so at least he has an auto trickler now.
I have a lazer bore sighter and it works fairly good, but I say "faily" good, because it's not as good as my method of bore sighting.

After I do my bore sighting, very seldom and I mean very seldom, that you every have to shoot over 3 shots to be dead on at 100 yards. Most of the time it only takes 2 shots. I have done several rifles that only required 1 shot.

I put a 3/4" orange dot on piece of white card board and draw the V & H lines through the dot. I place this target at 35 yrds and place my rifle is my cleaning cradle. I aligne the bore up with the dot, then do the adjusting of the scope. Double and thripple check your adjustments.

Believe me this works very good and the more you do it the better you will get. I just done a rifle for a friend of mine last fall and he was amazed, first shot was 1" high @ 100 and #2 shot same place, that was it, he never shot any more, it was right were he wanted.

I really regret buying my laser now, wasted $150, oh well.
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