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Charles A

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Nov 7, 2001
Brent we are planning a hunting trip up your way for, Caribou and Sikta since you have to have a guide for Mountian Goat.If you could give me some infomation on good places to start that would be great.
What areas would be the most productive?
What time of year?
I assume a fly in hunt would be best for caribou.
If you know of an Outfitter ,that wouldnt charge an arm and a leg,and still have a good opportunity to kill a goat I would definetly consider it.
It doesnt really matter how physical the hunt is,I just want a good one. Thanks.

My brother has the goods on the goats and Caribue and he just left for Kodiak at noon today for some deer and won't be back until the 23rd, if weather permits, if not another week after that.

I've never hunted caribue that much and never goat myself, moose always. He could help set you up with the guy that dropped them off in his cub in the same spot pretty cheap for the goat though. How good it is there as to other areas around, he would again know better than I. I know his boss Roger got his with a bow on the trip before, Derrick was sick as hell and couldn't even hunt. He got his on the next trip though. Lake George was the area, above the Knik glacier.

When are you heading up?
Hey Brent, around the first of August. I'm going to try the Mulchatna herd. Somewere in SW Alaska. Any ideas?

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