pulled bullet questions???

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    Oct 28, 2008
    ok i loaded a bunch of bullets to do a ladder test for a gun that i just finished breaking in and going to my car i dropped the bullets and they sacttered :'( anyway i obviously have to start over so i pulled the bullets and began from scratch. i had to use a 6mm sinclair puller the plier type and they were 6.5mm bullets but it seemed to work. as i re seated the bullets i noticed my seating dei was scaring the edges of most of these previously pulled bullets but not new ones. so it seams the pulling or clamping of the bullet took them out of round slightly and i confirmed this with a mic.
    anyway a few questions
    1) can you normally use pulled bullets or reuse them as the case may be?
    2) i assume if you can use them as spoilers or break in rounds as they are not lilkely to be as concentric as others?
    3) should i toss them all together or anyother thoguth you may have???

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    Use a sharpie to write the amount of powder on each case, just in case you drop them, OH TOO LATE

    I use the Hornady collet bullet puller and you can use the bullets again.
    If they are out of round, use them for fouling the barrel.