Problems with Savage model 93FVSS


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Oct 26, 2012
Abilene, Texas
I bought my Savage model 93 FVSS 22WMR almost four years ago. I really love the gun. I bought the SS with the nylon stock because I wanted the lightest most durable, low maintenance gun I could get. I bought two bricks of Fiocchi JSP ammo, which I have nothing but good experience with. The accu-triger is phenomenal and I am only mad that I can't put it on all my rifles. Accuracy is really good out to 150 yards with the Fiocchi ammo. Everytime I have pointed it at an animal and pulled the trigger, the animal has died. I have had really good luck with Savage guns and own several models. I have a 20 year old 243 that I bought at K-mart. It is a tact driver and I have only had to sight it in twice in 20 years. Once when I bought it and again when I changed the scope. I used to cull hunt for deer on a high fence trophy ranch with it. The ranch required that all deer be shot in the head. I would go there and fill all my five tags in an hour. All head shots up to 300 yards. Never missed once. But as much as I love Savage and their guns, there are two thing that keep my model 93 FVSS .22WMR from being perfect.

1. The Magazine. I have had a real problem cycling ammo. I had better make the first shot count because there is no guaranty that the next bullet will load with out problems. Sometimes the next round jams and other times the bolt does not even pick it up. This seem to occur mostly with round 4 and 3. Rounds 5, 2 and 1 seem to work a lot better. At first I thought it was just a defective clip, so I bought three more. I have the same problem with all of them. I noticed that the clips seem to be loose so I tightened them up by slightly bending the slide fins in. This made the problem worse. Each time I jack a new shell in, I have to push up on the clip and even then I sometimes experience problems. I have tried everything I can think of to solve this problem but it stills remains. My father was a "One shot one kill" man and I was raised shooting mostly single shots, so this problem is just an inconvenience for me. But it is still very irritating. Does anyone else have this problem with their 93 22WMR? My best guess of what is causing this problem is the actual clip design. Savage designed the clip to be used for either the .22WMR or the 17HMR. Since you can find ten model 93 .17HMRs for every one .22 WMR, I think the clip was mostly designed for the .17HMR. Regardless, it was not designed with very tight tolerances, since it was intended for two different bullets. My hope is that some aftermarket manufacturer will make a clip that is just for the 22WMR and fix this problem.

2. Cold Misfires. My gun will misfire a lot in the winter time, but only on the first shot (which is the one that really counts). Not sure what causes it (other then the cold). It would not be too much of problem except that I also have problems getting the next shell in, so this problem has cause me to lose some animals.

I have searched around and I have not seen any other people complaining about this problem. But then again, most people have the .17HMR and not the .22WMR model of the Savage 93, so they may not be experiencing the problems I am. I saw some other threads on this forum that talked a lot about the 93 .2WMR, so I thought it be worth it to post hear and see if anyone else has the same problems as I do and if they have found a solution to them. Thanks.
I know this is an old thread but perhaps others can benefit from it.

My friend have a similar problem (rounds ejects out of the mag when trying to chamber a round, sometimes all 5 rounds) on the magazine issue in his .22 Mag. He tried new mags and worked OK when first purchased but shortly after.

He tried some of the recommended fix online but he's unsuccessful and frustrated. Anyways, I ran across this savage .17 hmr 10 round magazine earlier this week and he's considering of trying it.

This may or may not fix your problem but it's something to think about.
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