Problem with Swift 30 Caliber 150 Sciroccos

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Rustystud, Oct 21, 2013.

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    Dec 25, 2007
    For a number of years I have used Swift Scirocco II in several rifles of different calibers, 90 grain in .243 Win, 130 grain in .277 Win, 150 grain in .308 Win and 30-06 Springfield, and 180 grain in .300 Win Mag.

    Twice in the last 5 years I have developed a sub half minute load with 150 Swift Sciroccos to have the load to fall apart into a multi minute loads. This has happen with the same rifle. First with a factory barrel then with a custom barrel. The last time I switched scopes, stocks, triggers, etc. to no avail. Then switched bullets (Barnes Tipped XXX) and the gun started grouping sub .3 moa.

    The first lot of Scirocco bullets was W080. I found that ten randomly selected bullets varied as much as .06" of and inch and varied in weight as much as 4.6 grains. Another shocking feature was the bearing surface was .308 in the front and .3065" in the back of the bearing surface, in front of the boat tail.

    I looked at a second lot W880 and the variables were not much better.

    Just for S__t and giggles I took 10 of the Barnes Tipped 150 grain XXX and they all measured with in a .1 of a grain and within .01" of and inch in length.

    Either the Quality control or the bullets standards at Swift Bullet Company are not good enough to warrant their use in long range.

    I have only experienced this with 150 Grain 30 caliber bullets. The 180 grain 30 caliber are shooting .3sub Moa.

    Nat Lambeth
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    May 18, 2005

    I can't speak to the problem you are having, sorry.

    However, very interested in what you got to work in your .300 Win Mag to get the 180's to shoot that well.

    I have been working on and off to get that bullet to shoot in mine and I'm finally having some hope...but not holding my breath because I've been there before.

    I started by finding the depth that seemed to work the best overall utilizing IMR 4831 at a consistent charge for all depths. Once I did that I switched to RL22 and tried three powder charges and it looks like I am getting close to a node, but haven't been out to try a couple more increments to verify.

    The bullet has always intrigued me as a great bonded bullet for work out as far as I'm comfortable.

    If you don't mind sharing the specs on your load I would love to hear them.