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Apr 1, 2016
Here in NW Indiana only one store has primers but you must by bullets in numbers equal to the primers you wish to buy no where else I have been has had primers when I was in their store in months like 6+, not saying they never have just not when I've been there and I go 1-3x a week. About 7 months ago did find a supply of CCI smrfl and there was no limit at that time so I bought a BUNCH.
Thankfully I had stocked up on all primers I need LOOOOOOONG ago and mostly I have been stocking up on in the last 3 years is first and foremost powder and projectiles and to a lessor extent primers but just on a whim as prices were pretty good about 18 months ago bought a butt load of SMHG, LGRFL and LGRFL/M primers and thank GOD I did. Same goes for powder.
Now by me the only way you will get ammo, primers or powder OTC is to go into the LGS at LEAST 3-4x a week.


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