primary arms


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Nov 28, 2014
bozeman, mt
I have to say that Primary Arms really takes care of customers. I had an issue with the parallax adj and emailed them to get a rma. To my surprise, they replied right away and said another scope is in the mail first thing in the morning and here is the prepaid shipping label for the rma. That is customer service!!!!!!! I have done returns for steiner, nighforce and vortex and none did that. They all had me send it in at my expense and wait. In the end, all got the job done, but none understood that having a scope out of action for a few weeks to a month due ot a manufacturing issue is not something the customer should have to experience.

PI got that and did not even have to be asked. I do not have ties to them but am just a satisfied customer made to feel valued for spending my hard earned money with them. Hat's off to Primary Arms for customer service and valuing customers!

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