Primary Arms Customer Service Is Amazing!


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Aug 19, 2015
Long story short, I've been in or around the firearms community for most of my life.
I've seen the good, bad and the ugly...
Primary Arms recently took in a damaged optic that someone sent me from another selling forum.
The optic still worked but the prior user had severely overtightened the scope ring caps resulting in a partially dented scope main tube?... yeah, I thought the same thing.

Nonetheless, contacted PA to see what I could do, and to my surprise they sent out a free shipping label, took it in and upgraded me to a newer better model at no charge!

This happened in about 2 weeks, very fast turnaround under this Covid19 thing.

I just had to tell you guys that PA is awesome
Yeah they are pretty squared away. I wish their showroom was open so I could go in and pick stuff up but it is what it is I suppose. Minor complaint but I know it will go back to normal.
PA is one of the best out there for price and customer service. i bet i spend $1-$2k there each year. before this COVID panic, they would have sales once a week it seemed. also, one of their PA branded red dots went out on me last year. it was out of warranty by several years but they still gave me a $50 gift card when they couldnt repair it. better than nothing.
I've never had to send anything back to them but I do have some of their branded scope mounts and a cheap PA 4-14x scope that has been a good scope. It's just a beater scope on my 18" 6.8spc but it works, I would buy another if I needed one.

I too spend a good chunk of change with them each year. I've never had a single issue, great to see that they have good customer service if I ever need it.
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