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Dec 4, 2001
Canyon Ferry, MT
I recently ordered my second long range scope from Premier Reticles. A leupold 6.5-20x50 LR with mildots and M1 turrets.

Inadvertantly the wrong scope was shipped. I called and spoke with Dick Thomas the evening the scope was delivered. Dick's foremost concern was how to get the correct scope shipped to me as quickly as possible. He shipped my scope the next day with a paid UPS label to send the other scope back.

That is the kind of customer service that will keep me a long-term customer. Thanks Dick.


When you get the new scope in, please post some pics if you can, please? I have a Leupold 6.5-20x50mm LR that I am going to have to send off to have the reticle changed out to something I can use, as I'm tired of fighting stigmatism correction vs. a teeny tiny target dot that I can't see half the time. I am considering the 10A reticle, and the M1 turrets, but I am having a hard time visualizing how the scope will look w/ the M1 turrets.


I am thinking about having the M1 turrets installed on my 4.5-14 LRT. Does the retrofit look as good as the original M1's on the MK 4? I hate those dang little screws that strip all the time on the regular turrets.


Sorry guys, I do not have a digital camera, or I would certainly post some pics.

The M1 turrets are 1.25" tall, with big sturdy knobs and loud crisp clicks. I haven't had a Mark 4 in my hands, but from photos I believe they are identical. They look and work very well in my opinion. It is $65.00 for this upgrade that I am very glad I spent.

My reticle is the standard USMC mildot, with luminous posts. Only the broad post that begins 5 mils from center is luminous. But appears black in daylight.

Personally I would (have) picked the USMC mildot because I prefer the heavy outer posts. My other LR scope is the 3.5-10x40LR M3, it has the USMC mildot reticle as well. The M1 knobs are significantly taller than the M3 knobs.

The M3 knobs are secured by 3 small hex screws whereas the M1 knobs are secured by a single, much larger hex screw.

If you appreciate big, sturdy, macho looking turrets you will be very pleased with the M1 turret upgrade.


You can order a replacement set of hardened screws from Premier for the lesser quality aluminum one Leupold provides (there fairly inexpensive).

I've also had the M1 turret upgrade on a 4.5 x 14 LRT and they look just like the turrets on the M1 LRT, very nice and handy.
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