Preferred Glassing Tripod for Backpack Hunting?

I'll chime in here as I was in search of a backpack hunting tripod which would serve multiple purposes: I wanted it to be sturdy enough from which to shoot my rifle. It would have to have a "solid" attachment point from my rifle and for my spotting scope and binos. I wanted to be able to glass or shoot while in a standing position. I wanted to keep the weight relatively low and I wanted it to have versatility in which heads/attachments I could use. After speaking with Cody at GoHunt I settled on the Tricer AD with the Tricer Pan Head. I already own and use the Spartan Precision javelin bipod and with that, adapters on each of my rifles (one bipod to use on ALL of my rifles is NICE!). I then got several Arca-Swiss plates to make for easy detach/attachment of each "appliance." I also picked up the Spartan Precision Davros head which I can keep in my pocket and when needed simply attach it via the arca-swiss plate to the panhead. Now, I feel that I have the best of ALL worlds. The Tripod and pan head comes in at 36.3oz on the button. I am learning to shoot from it but so far, so good!

Photo below... PS: those pink chairs were definitely my choice :)



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