Powder Temp and SHOOTER


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Oct 20, 2011
How important is the input used for powder temp? I am just learning the Shooter program and it seems to make a huge difference. At 700 yds if I input powder temp of 33 degrees or 65 degrees it changes my drop by 1.6 MOA. Does everyone use a average or try for an exact temperature input.
when I finish a rifle and find a load that it's gonna shoot I take it out in as many different temps that I can. by the time hunting season comes I have a book for a rifle that goes by 5 degrees. when I sit down with the rifle throughout the day I just turn the page to the current temp that it is. So I may have 30 drop charts that only vary a little at a time but It works for me to get first shot cold bore hits.
I guess it is not hard to change powder temp as the day goes on with shooter. Still hard to believe it makes that much difference with a temp stable powder like H-1000. Might try keeping some rounds warm in the truck and leave some on the bench and see if it makes a difference.
I dont usually worry about the powder temp part on the shooter app. I just get as accurate a reading of the outside temp as I can and use that because my rounds are usually close to that temp anyway. I just leave the powder temp at 0
Because I need to single feed my 300 RUM with the 215 bergers. If I have rounds in my pocket and they are warm was wondering if that would make a difference.
You will just have to test it out and see. It would be almost impossible to guess what the temp of your powder would be from body warmth with the outside temp. affecting it. Put some rounds in your pocket for an hour or two and then go shoot them to see what it does. I dont think that it will make that much of a difference if any difference at all.
I have two methods for this. I prefer the same as you other guys by just keeping some shells in my pocket.

After i get a hit with a warm shell i put in a cold one from my box and adjust the MV variation variable in shooters edit menu until the drop chart reflects my second hit for the given temperature outside.

This also shows how temp sensitive the powder is.
The powder temperature should be a one time entry for each bullet/load you enter for a weapon. There is some magic number that is assumed if you do not enter a temperature. This is a standard number used by the powder industry that I can't recall right now.
When I find a load that I like and decide to chronograph the load, I record the temperature on site when I measure the velocity. Both pieces of data are entered at the same time on Shooter. It is not changed on a day by day basis like the air temperature is.
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