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Mar 25, 2009
I'm starting to reload for a .300wm. I have decided on the 168 gr. SMK's and Winchester brass to start. I would like some advise on the powder & primers.
If you can find them...


CCI250- I've been looking for these for a couple of months

Remington 91/2M (I picked a box of 1,000 up at Bass Pro the other day. I was amazed to find them and it was the only box)

Whatever someone else recommends

ANYTHING you can get your hands on :) The rifle won't go bang without them.


The Sierra manual says:

MagPro for accuracy
IMR-4831 for hunting (SMK's are not recommended for hunting)

Both are loaded for 3,000 fps. I assume that the difference is SMK vs SBT and HPBT bullets.

other choices are:

H1000 (good powder for the big magnums)
RE-22 (good powder for the big magnums)
Viht N165

There's more but those are the powders that I've used

If you don't have a local outlet for powder, Powder Valley is a decent source for online ordering. You have to pay a Hazmat fee for powder and primer shipments so it's not necessarily the cheapest way to go

PS- Berger VLD's are great bullets. Check them out. Sometimes Bass Pro or Cabela's has them. Look for the "pretty" bright orange box.
Thanks for the reply. I live near Detroit, so there are a ton of places around here. weather or not they have what I'm looking for is another story. I'll be on the lookout.
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