powder for 30-06 w/ berger 180s?


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Oct 28, 2009
Magee, MS
guys what powder would you recommend for some berger 180s? The rifle is a browning bar.

I have the bullets already. I picked em up for a buddy of mine and he doesnt want em so I'm gunna keep em and use em. So I was just wondering what powder you guys would recommend?
I have gotten best results with RL17. I have shot 1/2 moa consistantly on calm days at 2820 FPS with 180 grain acccubonds. My max charge was 56 grains.
RL19 has been good
H4350 has been good as well
I have not tried RL17 or H100V
They seem to offer what the 3006 wants in burn rate.
IMR 4895 works very well in short barrels
I've had a half dozen different 06's and H-4350 with 180's has always been stellar. 2800 in a 22" barrel was never a problem and all the accuracy you could handle.
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