powder dispenser problems.


May 10, 2012
Hi. I have a Hornady LNL ap press which i have now loaded close onto 2000 rounds with. Tiday when loading for my 22-250 i pick up a problem. Every 5th or so round when i dispense powder then on raising the lever(lowering the cartrige) the powder messes All over the press instead of into the cartridge. Has any one had this problem before or can someóne point me in the right direction.IV never had this problem before. Could it be just needing some powdered graphite or is it something more then that. I ha e check the timing Ɲ everything seems ok.
i have had that problem when reloading 223 with varget it seams the tubular powder bridges in the small bushing you have to use try lowering the handle slightly and lowering it again to shake the powder measure so the grains of powder will fall or you can do what i did and give up and go to a ball powder
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