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Mar 11, 2008
Kansas City, MO
My buddy and I went up to Wyoming on new years day lookin for prairie dogs but found a couple porcupines! I shot mine at about 120y with my 6br and a 107smk, and my friend shot his at 94y with his 7 Rem Mag and a 180 berger, he texas heart shot it and blew its head off... We were in the area of Chugwater, WY. Thanks for looking!

Congratulations, nice shootin. Looks like ya got a supply of fresh toothpicks.:) What's up with the dead trees?
If you ever try a kill porcupines with a bow, beware, they are exceptionally tough. Better take a lung shot with a broad head. Any thing less will result in a mess. I have always taken porcupines in areas where there is livestock. They are very tough on cattle.

Nice shooting.

dono whats with the trees, about the only ones around there... but i guess from what i've read they usually live in trees right? yea they didnt die too fast thats for sure! real stout animals for sure! thanks!
Theyre a nuisence for sure. Hard on seed trees(seed bearing pines) That looks like cattle country, and for some reason there seems to always be some dead cottonwoods or willows around wherever good ranch country is.
Do you think porcupines are the reason for no trees or is it just par for that part of the country?
I have been in the U.P. and was told to shoot all pork pines they eat the bark off the trees and kill them Have seen where pine trees had bark stripped off all the way around them from about 10 foot and up.:cool:
some dog somewhere will thank you :D given the flat country behind you in the pic you should have waited until they got a couple hundred yards away then shot em. :D
ROBSTER, what is the U.P. and is bark one of there food sources or do they just strip it off for some other reason?
They do eat bark, kinda like a beaver.

I also wondered about U.P. Was too afraid to ask a stupid question. Thinking it is one of the abbreviations that everyone but me knows.:D

Thanks for letting me know I asked a stupid question...only kidding...I know what you meant:). At least we now know there's two of us that don't know what U.P. stands for. I thought maybe United Press but then nah.
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