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Thats a very generous offer! I'm planning a 2012 antelope hunt with my son. What I would really appreciate is alot of info and possibly talking to you on the phone. I'm a first timer and don't know a thing about getting a good place to hunt along with all the licence issues for a hunt. We want basically a meat hunt but some horns would be a nice bonus. If you're up to it you can email your Phone #. We could possibly get together out there and you could help us out. I'll take you to the best restraunts around and buy all gas, etc. Tell me what you think.
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WOW That's a very generous offer
Thanks to Mike and huntinfool18
I sent you guys PM
Re: Free Wyoming Hunt

I just saw this thread. Talk about going out of your way for your fellow man.......WOW.

You two guys....Mike and huntinfool18....are off the charts! Nice to know people like you two still exist.
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I would LOVE to have the oppertunity to shoot a speed goat or an elk ,even a mule deer . It would be the 2012 season before I could afford to drive up . I would be most greatful for the chance to do so . E-mail your info ,and I'll see what we can get set up ,as well as finding out about tags and such . Your certainly a fella with a big heart to make this type of an offer . My e-mail is [email protected] , think we've talked before on here . Thanks & God bless !!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS !
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not sure about the game laws in WY, but in MT if you are accepting fuel and meals, you are guiding ilegally and it will not be overlooked because you are doing a good deed. Check with the guiding laws and cover your butt. Something to think about. glad to see the generousity tho!

I will add that this would also be illegal in AZ without a guide license. I can remember a case a few years back where a guy was charged for illegally guiding because the gentleman he helped took him to Taco Bell after the hunt for lunch! The law reads it is illegal to assist in the taking of wildlife for pay. Pay is not limited to just money, anything considered to be gain or a tip can get you in trouble.
I think your offer is fantastic and would even be interested in hooking up with you in the future because I do hunt in WY, but I think it is a great idea for you to check on the legal aspect of your generous offer. You may need to delete this thread if you find out it is illegal. Best of luck to ya!
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Mike, I would like to talk to you about deer or elk hunting,including specifics. Would you pm your phone # and a good time to call? Thanks , Gary Campbell
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I'd like to just talk, but really a law that would make it wrong for 2 people to help each other out. To much government!!! I'd move!!
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There would be no problem as long as no money or goods change hands, which would mean you couldn't buy gas, meals, etc. for the person. I've invited a couple people out from websites the last few years just to help them out and had no problems as they were treated just like any friend that I've known for years with no expectation of any remuneration.
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That's really generous. My buddy and I are veteran bird hunters planning on coming out to hunt antelope for the first time in unit 73 NW of Casper(assuming we get drawn - last year we would have had an 84% chance). Have you ever hunted that unit for antelope?
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How are ya doing Mike? My name is Ken Wilson and hunting is my passion! I have went elk hunting once back in 1990 with a friend of mine that wasn't experienced in hunting his own land. He usually hunts up by Big Piney. We were hunting just south of Evanston on the border of Utah. I did shoot a nice muley though.
This was long before my son was born and I really haven't been able to afford to take my son elk hunting. He (Justin) is now 20yrs old and is bugging me constantly to go out elk hunting. I just cant afford a $12,000 hunt. I live here in Ohio and we have monster whitetails I would be willing to put someone on if they could help me with my dream. I would like to find a hunt where I didn't have to spend more than around $4,000 for the whole trip. I have the rifles to hunt elk with in my sons and my 7mm RUM's We each have a Remington 700 XCR. I would love to have you and your friends out here to hunt also. I own the land so I can give you land owner tags and save you the cost there. I am 49 and never had a good elk hunt yet. I guess I just want to make my dream a reality. You can give me a call @ 330-265-8728 Thanks and God Bless, Ken Wilson
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Hey Mike,
What all has to be done to be able to hunt in Wyoming for a non-resident. I have never hunted outside of Missouri, but my brother and I have been looking to go somewhere and get something bigger than white tail. I don't even know where to start as for the paperwork with the state.

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