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I would pay you for your time? not to sure I have anything hunt-wise of equal value. Been searching lion hunts as I want to experience it once before im to old and the price from most outfitters is crazy.
We could get you a good hog hunting trip. We hunt hogs with suppressed rifles with trijicon reap ir scopes. Not unusual to shoot 20-30 hogs a night
OUTFITTER: any person who for consideration provides any saddle or pack animal, facilities, camping equipment, vehicle, watercraft, or other conveyance, or personal service for any person to hunt, trap, capture, take, kill, or pursue any game, including fish, and who accompanies that person, either part or all of the way, on an expedition for any of these purposes or supervises a licensed guide or outfitter’s assistant in accompanying that person. This does not include a person providing services on real property that the person owns for the primary pursuit of bona fide agricultural interests.

Hiring a illegal outfitter is a felony.
Acting as a illegal outfitter is a felony.

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