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Dec 26, 2009
Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
I Have been thinking about how lucky I am to live here in wyoming and was thinking about all my fellow long range hunters how a lot of them would probably love to come out here to hunt but cant because the cost of guides and outfitters. I love to hunt no matter if I am pulling the trigger or not.. (although I prefer being behind the rifle) anyway if anyone wants to come out here and hunt let me know I am open to helping out with any hunt you can think of out here. I have experience in just about anywhere in the state. so if you pay expences ie gas, food whatever id be happy to help you out. I can even come get you at the airport. Anyway if anyone is interested let me know maybe we can get you on a wyoming trophy.
Re: Free Wyoming Hunt

I might take you up on that next year. My wife wants to come and "sight see" (read: spend my money) Should have my win mag sorted out my then :D
Re: Free Wyoming Hunt

That is an awesome offer.
You are most generous.
Re: Free Wyoming Hunt

pheasant hunting is decent. Probably not worth the trip though. I have had a lot of interest but only one Guy for sure. So I'm commited for 2012 elk.
Re: Free Wyoming Hunt

Hey, that picture looks familiar.....
Love the new signature Mike. If I somehow come up with some extra $, Ill look you up for speed goats next year. Right now the outlook is a bit bleak tho.
If anyone has any need for a referance as to your integrity, send em my way. Ill be happy to accomidate. Ive done business with Mike more than once and have never been disappointed. He is an overachiver and a man of his word without a doubt.
Very Generous offer. Thank you.
Re: Free Wyoming Hunt

I would be interested in getting a nice mulie!
Re: Free Wyoming Hunt

elkoholic, I think I'm up to 7 or 8 after this year. I've noticed that it takes way more than that (14 or 15) to get the premium areas, but that I may be able to draw in some of the others shortly. I try to keep track on WY GFP site to see where I'm at, and I may be way too optimistic. Do you have experience in Wyoming with Moose?

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