Pennsylvania long range hunting

Dr. John

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Apr 11, 2002
Hi, my family and I are moving to PA in late June to the Norristown area. I love hunting and just plain ol target shooting with my 300rum sendero. we are coming from Maine. we are looking for popular areas for hunting. also looking for shooting ranges. looking for any info regarding all types of hunting. will love to hear from you.
I live in Lancaster county, and there isnt many places to shoot long range around here. New Holland has a 600 yard range but thats the farthest I know of. If you want to hunt long range you should look into the Northen counties.

I grew up in East Petersburg!!!! We were almost neighbors....

Dr. John,
I worked in Philly for 10 years YUK!!!!
Then I got smart and headed west.... Norristown is OK... but NO WHERE to shoot and most of your ranges are owned by the Game Commision and set at 100 yards... You need to go north and north central find some farmers with land and lease it... to hunt or whatever.. that seems to be the way things are headed in Pa... you can search the state game lands for some areas and you may get lucky but it will all be a few hours from Norristown.
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