Long range Hunting


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Apr 9, 2005
Has any body seen the video, from the best of the west.
They make shots of 700-1000 yards on all kinds of game.
They also made a teaching video due out soon.


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Jun 12, 2004
Fort Shaw, Montana
Just watched their hunting DVD and was impressed with the quality of the filming.

There were a couple things that caught my attention though. First off was that it seemed that the scopes used on the rifles were set up with custom elevation adjustment knobs with range designations on them.

My question was that it seemed that the number of clicks between 3 and 4 hundred yards was the same as between 8 and 9 hundred yards. Without having the rifles in your hands its hard to tell but this is what it looked like to me. Just curious how this works as the bullet drop is not consistant from say 300 ot 400 and then from 800 to 900 yards.

Also, I was suprised that they were not using any rifle leveling devices or anti cant systems on the rifles. At ranges past 500 yards this can become critical to placing accurate shots on game.

Finally, alot of their shooting was in diverse elevation areas and they also were not using any cosine indicators to correct for various angle shooting. Perhaps the shots were more level then they looked.

All in all it was a good video and obviously they can shoot and John can build great rifles but there were a couple issues that caught my attention from watching the DVD that did not look right.

Again, without the gear in hand its impossible to say either way so I take John at his word as I feel he is an honest man and have never had a reason to question him on his product.

I would be interested in a detailed description of his set up, especially scope adjustments and how he controls rifle cant for extreme range shooting.

GOod Shooting!!

Kirby Allen(50)
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