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Jun 16, 2004
Has anyone tested .30 cal 200gr Nosler Accubonds in wet phone books for penetration and weight retention out of a 300 RUM or 300 Win Mag?

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Tommy B,
I have not tested the 30cal 200gr Accubond,
but we have done the 180 Accubond the
Scirocco and the Interbond. They all
performed about the same (quite well) in
phonebook test' the accuracy department
it was a different story,the Accubond's beat
out the (weighed)Scirocco's by a slim margin
the Interbond's were a challenge to even hit
a phonebook size target,will be trying the
200's soon.
I have a 200gr AB LOAD that shoots very well just wondering how they hold up. From the last few post they seem good. If any one has recovered any slugs from game or phone books post the before and after weight. Thanks

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I have recovered just one(200 gr.), it came from a whitetail, I don't remember the exact recovered weight but retention was right around 70% and it looked like a perfect little mushroom.

P.S. Tommy I did a search of my previous posts that recovered Accubond weighed 144.8 grs.

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