PCP 25 cal M-rod rabbit hunting

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  1. screwwork

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    Feb 21, 2013
    I had gone out for the zone A deer opener in California and didn’t see any deer or pigs on the ranch I was hunting.
    Plan B. was squirrels, no squirrels to be found..
    Plan C.was rabbits with the air rifle.
    Most shots were 50 to 60 yards using JSB 25 cal pellets.
    The Jack rabbit was the biggest I have shot.
    All rabbits were skinned and ready to eat.

  2. FAL Shot

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    Oct 9, 2010
    I have a BSA Lonestar .25 cal PCP, which is similar in power to the Benjamin Marauder .25 cal.

    For killing Jackrabbits, the .25 cal PCP kills better than .22LR subsonic. The fatter .25 cal pellet does more damage and expands quicker than .22LR subsonic. In fact, .22LR subsonic usually doiesn't expand at all.

    When shooting a rabbit in the head with the .25 cal PCP, it usually blows their eyeballs out of the sockets.

    I use a 3-12x50mm Hawke scope with an SR6 reticle, which is also iluminated for night hunting.

    I have killed prairie dogs quicker with my .25 cal PCP than with my .204 Ruger, although the .204 Ruger makes a much bigger mess and can hit 3X further. The .25 cal PCP air rifle is an amazing killer of small game and varmints. Skunks fall down in their tracks without taking a step.

    In Minnesota, I shot a swamp Jack and as I carried it home the hind legs were at shoulder height and the ears were dragging the ground. I am 6'3" tall. It was a female, but I was after the male mate that was about 50% heavier then the female. That cleaned Jack filled 3 big iron skillets with meat.