Pack Rifle Project caliber selection


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May 12, 2006
Thinking bout having a pack rifle built for ranges out to around 600 yards. i would like to not have it to light aroun 7-7.5 scoped. i have a short action so was considering the 6.5 rem mag or the 6.5x.284 but i am hereing the 6.5x.284 may have some feeding and seating problems on the short action. any thoughts ?
I have been thinking about that as well. Have you thought about the 300Wsm? That's what I'm leaning towards at the moment. Plenty big for elk.
Had one in the 8.5 range but didnt like the fact i couldnt seat the bullet out far enough accuracy was ok but wasnt as light as i had hoped. I bow hunt elk and already have a custom 7 mm stw and teh 6.5's intrigue me. Awesome BC and SD check out bergers site and look at the BC of the various calibers very interesting to see how the 6.5 stack up. For elk i would definitley lean toward teh 300 wsm or a 300 win.
Ya, I know what you're saying on the 6.5. Have you thought about the 260? They really seem to be gaining popularity as a long range shooter. My brother in law has one in a CDL SF and it is a lights out shooter.
I've built one and have another in work. The first one was in 260 Remington with a Hart 1 in 8 twist number 2 contour. It has a Mickey Edge stock and weighs 6 pounds 2 ounces. It is shooting really long 140 grain accubonds into 2.25" at 425 yards presently.

The new one is going to be a 6.5-06 with all other components identical other than of course the long action. I like the 6.5s as the recoil is very mild and my daughter has claimed the 260 as hers. The high bc of the 140 accubond or 140 vld creates a very effective long range rifle with minimal recoil in a lightweight rig. Good luck with your build.
Dan Dowling in Palisades, Colorado built mine. I collected the parts, lefthanded Rem short actions take a while at times, and sent them all off to him. He trues the action, chambers and beds for me. I had the bolt fluted by Kampfeld out of Michigan and swapped out the firing pin and bolt shroud with a lightweight PTG version.

Scoped it with a VXIII 3.5-10x40 with M1 vertical turret on it. It would be 4 ounces lighter with a 6x36 CDS equipped Leupold, but the current one tracks beautifully and is yet to miss on game.

He is a wonderful smith and is well known in the industry.
Here is a visual. Barrel is 23" and it has a Holland lug as well.
I was thinking bout having Randy selby built mine. I hear he is the 6.5 guru. If he cant flut my bolt do you mind asking how much was it to flute. PM if you dont want to post i understand. I should have the action shortly (rem adl) and picked up a remingto TI stock. I may have selby or maybe your guy that did your bolt skeletonize the bolt as well.
Thinking it was right at $75 with return shipping. He can add a larger bolt knob as well if desired. Google up Kampfeld Custom and you can get his information. Dan does extremely good work on Rem 700s. Good luck.
I have a couple LW set ups... .243, .308, and a .338 WM. The lightest is 6.5 and the .338 is 7.5lbs (scoped).
None are really "custom", all are Stainless Rem 700s.. The .243 and .308 are Gander Mt Guide Rifles. The .338 WM is a KS Mt Rifle.

Nice trio of rifles... Not counting optics I have ~$2,300 into the three of them.. About the cost of one custom job... (mine is the Stainless one)

I pretty much stick with the .338 for AK hunting..
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Mine is not custom either but works well, 325 WSM Browning ss A bolt, leupold 4x14 w/cds, sling and loaded 7-6 oz. had since 06' 4 bull elk, 3 muley bucks , and 2 bear out to 540 yrds
how do you like that cds. I have a 4-12-50 swaro right now on my 7 mm stw but the swaro perks my interest..
Ilike the CDS PLUS IT IS ONLY 1/2" tall, works well because I use a safari sling set up and binos above
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