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Nov 11, 2010
Petal, Ms
Hello to everyone,

Got a few questions that I need some advice. I have a custom 300 win mag that is built on a Remington 700 sendero action. I plan on building me a non magnum 280 ackley improved and wanted to use the sendero action for my build. My question is can I just purchase a bolt with a standard bolt face to use with my sendero action? Also the other question I have is the bolt is real sloppy in that action and wanted to use a oversized bolt. What size bolt body would I need to get? I know that I the receiver will need to bored and I don't want no more then 5 thousands of play. Thanks in advance


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Oct 13, 2008
Yes, you will only need to change the bolt to one with a "standard" bolt face, which is .308/.30-06 bolt face.

As for the amount of play, you might wanna let your gunsmith gauge that out for you, and let him handle the oversize bolt or slop issue.

Also, I'd keep my magnum bolt, if I were you, incase you ever wanted to use it for another LA project in a magnum caliber. Or decide to swap barrels, and go with a magnum caliber for your next barrel. This is just my opinion, as well.


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Dec 26, 2009
Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
you want a little play otherwise itll be hard to operate with a little grit in there. So it depends on the intended use. but you can ream the raceway and have Kiff at PT&G build you a bolt to any diameter you want. If you are just wanting a new bolt with different bolt face and a little tighter tolerances he is probably going to steer you toward a .700 diameter bolt. I have one in my 338 and its just fine. not as easy to operate as others but still good and not near as sloppy.... Call Kiff and talk to him about it he can give you some good info and recommendations based on what you are wanting to do.

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