Otc tags and states question


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Jan 18, 2015
Hello all, im from Texas and am wanting to do some hunting out west. my question is which states offer otc tags and have good results for first timers. Ive looked into colorado already but am looking for some more insight. Being from south Texas all ive ever hunted was from a blind or vehicle. Not many hills or mts down here to do alot of glassing. Lol. I did get to hunt in the Yukon this past september for caribou but thats pretty much all ive done compared to huning in the mts. Also if i do get an otc tag somewhere what all would i need to do to prepare for a hunt like this. all info is appreciated. thanks


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Nov 16, 2013
Lewiston, Idaho
In Idaho depending if you are wanting to hunt mule deer or white tail southern Idaho mule deer tags are over the counter they can be used for either deer in northern Idaho it's whitetail only for the most part have to draw the mule deer tags. Throughout the state elk tags are over the counter so you could hunt both at the same time depending on what tag you buy hope this is a little bit of insight if you have specific questions just let me know.