Optics on 7mm RUM Sendero SFII


Jan 21, 2010
I'm having a hard time deciding what optics to put on my new gun. I've looked at burris, Leup,NF, and WOTAC. My 1k cut off on funds knocks two of those out real quick. I was wanting a LRS tactical,mill dot, or ballistic plex of some sort. NF tickled my fancy more than any but I cant seem to find any under the 1k marker! I am semi new to this game and any light you guys can shed would be welcomed!

Thanks again,
To REALLY take advantage of the ballistics of that amazing round that your sendero is chambered for, you first of all need a scope of fairly high magnification AND clearity. In the $$$$ catigory, you are in the realm of a Leupold mark 4, or a vx3 in 4.5 to 14. . Or you could get a vx3 6-18 target model or the standard version with the boone and crocket X hair. The later will be about half of your limits and is a **** good scope. I have owned 2 of them in the target version which were used on hunting rifles, but you may find the X hair a little fine for early or late day shooting. p/s. how do you like the 7rum, and how accurate is it? Do you handload? Ihope this is of help to you. gun)7stw
I've always been a huge fan of the 7 rum's! It's laser to say the least. Thanks for all the input fellas! Ya'll have a good one.
I was in the same boat that you were. I bought the sightron sIII 6-24 with balistic plex. For the money you can't beat it. This is my first sightron sope and I am very happy with it. I think the glass is just as good with my leupold scopes. I also have the 7rum sendero SF II and love it.
If going with the Leupold you really need to look over the scope. There QC has gone down hill since sourcing the scopes. I have some of the older leupolds and love them but the new ones are a new breed, not always getting what you pay for.
I can't beleive that I'm even saying this as I;ve always spelled scope, LEUPOLD. I am in the process of building a new rifle and am reall, really having a tough time convinceing myself, or my wife, to shell out a grand plus for the features and magnification that I want. So I have looked into alternatives and have narrowed it down to, a bushnell ELITE 4200 in 5-15 tactical model, #2 would be a Vortex Viper 4x16 tactical model also, and last but not a Nikon Monarch series 4x16 tactical. I haven;t ruled out a vx2 in 6x18, as that one isn't bad. I am not a fan of the vx line of scopes, they are ok, but do not compare to the original vari -x2 lines, never mind the vari x 3;s, now that was and still is a dynamite scope. I have a couple of each in different power ranges and they are awesome. I guess it shows to go ya,that we at least do have options, but you have to weed out the junk. I found a decently priced website that is libertoptics.com. I feel their prices are pretty competitive, and the scopes they have seem to be the ones that we are mostly interested in. Good luck, AIM SMALL, MISS SMALL.............gun)lightbulb
I'm going with a new zeiss 6.5-20x50 with turrets new for $800 found it at a sale . It's going on my custom 338 edge
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