Opnions on LW 338-06 build


Jun 4, 2007
Okanogan, Wa
Going to build a 338-06 on a Rem 721 .270 action. Used for hunting elk in the Idaho panhandle. Looking a Bartlein 5r #3 barrel 6 grove, 23 in. Stainless Steel. Manners composite super lite stock. Talley rings/bases. I have a couple Bushnell elite 3200 3-9x40scopes I like may use one of those or a 6x42 leupold. I want to use Barnes TSX 185 gr btsp. Been using a 358 norma mag on an enfield action wood stock, but its getting a little heavy packing around the woods all day. I will make up a dummy round with a seating depth the same as the diameter of the bullet .338. Then have it chambered to that depth. Am I thinking right there? I would appreciate any and all comments. Thank You