One Foot at a Time

By ADMIN · Sep 10, 2013 ·
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    Good article,still suprises me how many people get blisters regularly. With good fitted boots you should hardly ever get blisters.
    Just a few of my tips to add to yours. best thing ever for no blisters is TWO pairs of socks. on long trips these days I nearly always wear two pairs of socks. one thinner pair then a thicker pair over the top. And I only ever use wool socks. Wool is by far the best next to skin fabric. all synthetic fibers stink and get sweaty after time, nothing is as good as wool.
    First thing I do when I get new boots is just wear them around the house for a few days, you look like a bit of a dickhead but it helps you get used to the feel and shape of them before you test them out on tough terrian.
    One way to wear in boots(bit drastic) is go on a good river bed walk where you will get wet feet. water softens up the boots and makes them form to the shape of your feet faster.
    And also keep your leather boots well oiled/greased. Get a good beeswax oil/grease like snow seal and use it all the time. never use leather boots that arnt waxed or oiled.
    Hope this helps guys