old mauser


Nov 28, 2008
hi all,
i just wanna share my rifle here from Indonesia.
the action was old mauser, modified the trigger using double set trigger and put custom scope mount and zeiss 2.5-10x 50 diavari victory, the stock is done by a local stock-maker using a local rosewood.
the barrel is hart 65cm in old 30-06, it is not a long range rifle like u guys own here in the forum, but is suit my hunting. :D


you gotta love the old mausers, thats a sweet looken stock. the double triggers add a nice touch. how does it shoot?

since we do not get gun as easy as u guys in the states, we appreciate our rifles more than our wives( hopefully our wives here doesn't read the post:))
i tried this rifle in the shooting range last Sunday, it was pretty good, i would say it would stay in a dollar coin( i was using old military surplus ammo, it was made by wcc 150grn metal case) on 100yds. i don't have any picture yet.
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