Oehler 35P printer help?

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    Apr 21, 2006
    Does anyone have a 35P with the printer that they would be willing to take the printer cover off or open the inside up and take some pictures of what wires go to where in the printer assembly? I have the 35P but without the printer and I would like to add one. A couple years ago I was at the shot show and talked to the fine people at Oehler and they were kind enough to tell me what printer assembly they were using but couldn't get them anymore by itself without buying the calculator(I don't know why). Which by the way is a Casio HR8TM calculator with an Epson print assembly. So I bought one of the above calculators to cannibalize it and was hoping it was a simple plug n play which to some degree it is 8 wires to 8 wires but they are not in order (nothing is ever easy) So i called Oehler to ask for a schematic and they said no but we would be happy to sell you the whole print assembly for $150. I said thanks anyway i already have that, that I bought for $15.88 I would happily buy their fancy plastic cover so it looks factory but they didn't want to sell that separately or hook me up with the schematic.

    So if anyone is feeling kind or brave I would really appreciate some pics or a drawing of wire routing.