Now What????We have a problem



Well Wolfdawg scored Monday at 1:40PM on his Black Bear with one shot at 650 yards.When we got to the spot in the morning the fog was as thick as pea soup.Not good for long ranging.We messed around til the fog started to lift which was around 10a.m....We glassed the hill for 3.5 hours without seeing anything.I just finished doing up some hot dog's and laying them on the manifold of his truck to cook.We were gonna eat the dogs and head out.With my naked eye I saw something move at the bottom of the hill about 500 yards out....It was a bear...I said to wolfdawg I got a bear at the bottom of the hill.Which he picked up right away.The bear was walking up hill toward some thick stuff.The first range I got was 625yards.Wolfdawg got the gun on the bear in no time..At this time the bear was in a real thick part of the hill.He said,I LOST HIM,I GOT HIM,I LOST HIM,I GOT HIM about a half a dozen times.The bear had put on about 25 yards.I went to the gun and put a couple more clicks on..As soon as I got back to my glasses.The bear stopped in an opening.Before I even finished saying "TAKE HIM" the bear did a nose dive in some thick brush.I yelled you got him....After the high fives and hand shakes.Wolfdawg looked at me(I'll never forget the look on his face) and said NOW WHAT??? . Problem #1 was There was only the two of us.Problem #2 We only had one truck(his)...Problem #3 The hill is so steep you can't really walk or crawl up it.So you have to come in from the top.Problem #4 .If he would have taken the truck up top and parked it.And went down to get the bear.It would have been a 3 mile walk up the road for me to get the truck to pick him up at the bottom when he came out.Problem #5..My glasses were on the spot where the bear was.I could not see him but I knew he was still there.With other hunters in the area I was'nt gonna leave my glasses sit there while I run him up.(We got lucky #1)Then I heard a truck coming up the road behind us....I ran out and flagged them down and they gave him a lift to the top....When Wolfdawg got to the top(we got lucky #2) he talked to a younger fellow in his early 20's and his grandfather and told them what he was doing and that he was by himself and I was down below to guide him in.Well the young fellow,said with a smile on his face.I never seen a bear in Pa before can I go help???? ...Yes you can....It took them about an hour and a half of sliding,rolling and cussing to get to the aera where the bear was.Too make this long story shorter.Wolfdawg lost his rope.The young fellow took off his belt put it around the bears neck and down the hill they came....Here is a pic of Wolfdawgs first bear...Congrats buddy...

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