Not quite long range ...


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Dec 12, 2011
My 300 WM handles that chore - but I have been working on a 9.3 x 64 for the short range stuff. I have satisfactory results for the 250 gr Barnes, 270 gr Speer and 286 gr Partition; but I really have the 300 gr A Frame in mind for the final load. Trouble is my throat is too short to load to maximum COL. (3.37) Do I go ahead and rethroat to accept the 300 gr A frame knowing that the loads I have developed with the other bullets may change due to the longer throat and jump to the lands? So that's one question -
also working on a 7 x 57 AI for a lighter recoiling rig to handle the long range shooting - paper mainly but it also gets the nod for some hunting. Getting superb results with the 160 gr bullets. It is a rechambered chilean mauser trimmed to 24 inches. Any recommendations for a long range recipe?
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