North Idaho LR Whitetail Success Story

Shawn Carlock

Jun 11, 2007
North Idaho
Here is a classic case of what happens when you practice and work hard at the long range hunting game. I posted about the upcoming LR whitetail hunts from Reggear Outfitters in early Sept.
The hunter in this case was using a Defensive Edge rifle, Rem 700 ss, Lilja 30" tube, Vais brake, Nightforce NXS 5.5-22 NPR2, in a tight necked (.334") 300 RUM. Load was Retumbo with a Sierra 220 gr MK.
Travis shot all summer dialing in his 300 RUM out to 1250 yards. He was able to achieve groups 6-8 inches at 1000 yards, but more importantly was able to consistantly get first shot hits at 1000 + on vital zone sized targets in good conditions.
THE SHOT, Travis located a buck and it was ranged with a Leica 1200. Distance 1146 yards, up/down hill 0, 42 degrees, humidity 38%, that info was typed into the Dell pocket PC with ex-bal program. Travis dialed up the 21.75 MOA required and squeezed off the shot when a broadside was available. The shot whent within a couple of inches of being squarely in the heart. The Sierra 220 completely penetrated the deer leaving an exit wound of around 1.5-2.0 inches. Needless to say the deer piled up in a very short distance. Haven't yet put a tape to it but should push 150 pretty hard despite having an uneven number of points. This is typical of the good LR action available here lots of 130-150 bucks and the occasional B&C jaw dropper. Hope to see some of you here next fall.



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I will post a couple of photos of the areas we hunt in and you will see the huge advantage being able to "hit the long ball" allows you. When the country is rugged and steep it is nice to observe the animal coming out of the canyons in the evening and make the shot when they are on top and easly accessable. This action usually allows the hunter to have a calming period before trying to make a shot on a whopper buck. The other advantage is we get to hunt deer most people don't ever see. Some of the areas absolutly do not have an approchable direction that the lack of cover or wind do not give you away, so most people would never even get a look at some of the animals that LR hunting allows.

It is kind of a an optical illusion. From the side view it is a totaly typical main beamed whitetail. I thought it looked odd when I first saw how the photos turned out.

super looking whitetail!congrats from the other part of the state.would it be possible to get more info on the outfitter?really like the color of the rack,larry
What ever info you would like I can hook you up with. I work for Reggear Outfitters in long range guiding and booking long range hunts. The accomdations are bunk house style, the hunting is close to the base and they have a 1000 yard range on site. The standard LR whitetail hunt is 6 days, 1 day clinic and range confirmation, 5 days LRH. Hunters are run 1x1 with an seasoned long range guide. Most LR hunts are from an ambush locations, although hike, spot & shoot are available. This hunt package runs $2600.00 + tax. That includes being picked up at the airport ( Lewiston or Orofino ) the day before your hunt starts. Your guide will have ranging and LR spotting ability as well as working with you on clinic day to find out how you want your spotted shots called in the event a correction needs to be made. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me @ [email protected] or 1-208-687-5646. I would urge hunters to book by early spring as the prime days for this hunt are 12-14 days, only allowing for us to run 2 groups of hunts for the season. The season is longer but we chose only to run during the best part of the season to give the highest quality hunts.

Hey Larryj. I'm in Meridian. You have some awsome opportunities for a LR deer up on big flat road or four mile if you have the time to find the deer and figure out where they are going to be for a "lay and wait" set up. I'm planning on hitting that area for yotes this winter. There are some spots that a 1000 plus shot on a dog would be possible under the right circumstances. There are a ton of places where up close shotgunning would work well also.
being i live in emmett,i'd probly just drive uip.i'll take care of this through private e-mail to not clog board,thanks,larry
Shawn C.,

This is a dream come true for a long distance hunter that doesn't have the time or money to do his own scouting and your prices seem reasonable.

I live in Florida and my long distance opportunities are limited to power lines and the very few clear cuts and ridges I can find.

Can you book two hunters with one guide hunts also?

To all who have posted or contacted me direct. I made an error in the hunt prices the 2600.00 was per hunter for 2x1 hunts (not a bad way to go) and 1x1 hunts are 3000.00. I also had a chance to put a tape to the buck and it went 152 3/8 green. Once again sorry for the quote error.

Brother Shawn,
Congratulations on a superb shot, and an excellent whitetail!!!! Great job!!!!!
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