Norma Brass worth the $$


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Dec 21, 2001
What do you guys think?

Was going to use my TC 308 Encore for casual 300 Meter Sillhouette matches at the range. Need to work up a good load and was looking at brass in the Midway catalog. Prices for 100 pieces are:

Norma 60.99
Lapua 33.99
Fed. Gold Match 26.99

I'm short on time, so even at those crazy prices, if it saves me a bunch of prep and sorting time, I'd swallow hard and ante up for the Norma...

My personal preference would be once-fired (fire formed) Lake City Match .308 brass. In my opinion, the best lots of LC Match were 20-13 and 20-23, both made in 1972.
Have used them all lots - buy the Lapua. Better yet throw in a few extra bucks and buy 200 Lapua. Not sure why Norma is so costy, Lapua outlasts it by a good margin in my experience.
Good Luck.
I have not been happy with the Norma brass I have bought. Whilst it seems very good dimensionally, it is WAY softer than other brass. I have had primer pockets open up after a couple of firings on loads that would go way longer on other cases. My preference in brass is Lapua, RWS, after that it depends on the calibre and availability of other case makes.

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