Non-Leupold Reticle Work

I saw a post a while back that had the address to a fella that replaces reticles in many different types of scopes, I'm still searching for it.

BTW, Welcome to Long Range Hunting.
Bill Ackerman of Optical Services works on other makes of scopes. He installed a fine crosshair in my B&L 4200 6-24x40. I was very pleased with his work.

His number is 505-589-3833
mr Owens I have a 4000 elite 6to24 B and L on 22-250, noticed the other day it was cloudy and white around the edges .Ive just started shooting again, now that the county has given us a place to shot, i don't recall it being cloudy before,i think it was as clear as my leupolds.Can you describe yours? thanks Ebb

I never had any cloudiness in my B&L. It was a 4200 and I sold it after I traded the rifle it was on for a Swarovski 6-24x50.

If the warranty has expired, I would give Bill Ackerman a call and ask if he will take a look at it.

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