No parallax adjustment? What to do?


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May 28, 2003
I've got a Leupold Vari XIII 3.5-10 tactical with the mil dot reticle but no parallax adjustment. Great scope. I only started shooting to 500 yds recently and would like to put this scope on my main gun, instead of my Leu Vari XIII 4.5-14 WITH a parallax adjustment dial. WIll this be ok, or should I use the 3.5-10 for my deer/yote excursions only. Thanks in advance.
Don't over-react! According to Leupold ---- Maximum parallax occurs when your eye is at the very edge of the exit pupil. (Even in this unlikely event, our 4x hunting scope focused for 150 yards has a maximum error of only 8/10ths of an inch at 500 yards.)

At short distances, the parallax effect does not affect accuracy. (Using the same 4x scope at 100 yards, the maximum error is less than 2/10ths of an inch.) It is also good to remember that, as long you are sighting straight through the middle of the scope, or close to it, parallax will have virtually no effect on accuracy in a hunting situation.

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