No luck or just unlucky

Clint Idaho

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Nov 4, 2011
Declo, Idaho
Took the daughters boyfriend out hunting Saturday (yes, I also brought him back). Five stands no luck, don't know if he don't know how to hold still or there just were not any around. Course the wind was blowing about 12 mph ave. the whole time. Stopped at the coffee shop this morning and found out that 4 wolves spend most of the day laying around a pivot a mile and 1/2 from where we made the last stand. Drove past within a 1/2 mile on the way out. Had lots of flying predators check out the calls. Just know coyotes. (Or wolves)

Got the coordinates of that pivot?

I'll take the boyfriend with me as a decoy. Will have to shoot him first as live decoys are not permitted in Idaho.:D

What in the world are woofs doin' around Declo?
We are getting a pretty good collection of wolves if all the sightings are correct. 2 possibly 3 packs running Sublett and Yale road, 1 pack seen ahead of the fires by Oakley, 1 pack working north and south of the tracks at Minidoka (I seen this pack last fall, but could not get a shot. Last sighting by a bowhunter just south of Mule Butte a week ago.) And now a pack working just north of Hazelton. Not sure how much ground a wolf will cover on the desert. Never had them before. The pack at Minidoka was covering about 20 square miles all winter. Never could catch up to them again after that first day. Lack of snow made track hunting impossible.
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