70 Yard Unlucky Coyote

Double Naught Spy

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Oct 8, 2012
Forestburg, Montague County, Texas

For the last 2 years, TBR in Montague County, Texas has been my honey hole for hogs. It isn't a big place, only about 80 acres, but it has a goodly amount of hog traffic. However, this year has been different and it has now become a predator honey hole with most of the predators I take there being ones that I just happen to spot while scanning for hogs. This was my 7th coyote of the year, all from TBR.

I was actually glassing deer across the field, coming out of the woods (hoping it was a sounder) when this coyote just walked through my field of view of the scope. By the time I got the recorder on, he had gone right by me and was headed away. I changed windows and gave him a quick whistle to get him stopped.


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