NM unit 34


Sep 8, 2009
First off let me say hi and thanks for all the information on this site.

Secondly my oldest boy was just transferred to the USAF base in Alamogordo. I got to spend a week out there late Sept. I did not have time to drive the area south of Cloudcroft and unit 34 but it sure looks promising on my new BLM map. It shows plenty of National Forest land to do a self guided hunt for Elk.

Of course I'm not going to ask for anyone's secret spots but if anyone would like to provide some general area guidance it would be appreciated.

I also looked into the chances for an out of state guy like myself to draw a tag and it doesn't look good. I did not see any reference to bonus points either.

I have never hunted the area for Elk, but I do know there are a lot of Elk in that area. In fact, the farmers have problems with them. I would call NM Game and Fish and talk to the Officer in that area. They are usually very helpful in pointing out good spots to hunt. That area may have one of the highest concentration of Elk in the state.
NM does not do bonus points. You can look at NMDG&F web site and get the odds for last years draw in whichever area you're interested in. Unit 34 is an excellent elk unit. Focus on the recent burn area around Weed and Pinon although there are many other great spots.
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