Nikon Tactical 4x16x50



Does anyone know the total elevation and windage adjustment range for the Nikon Tactical 4x16x50. I did a search and found out the 2.5x10 has just over 100in. but can't find any info on the 4x16.
The one that I got had 62 elevation and 68 windage. Understand that 65 is what they are calling it.
Great scope - have been shooting the prototypes for 1 1/2 years, perfect performance.
I just looked at their catalog and it says 50 moa. I will have one in a couple of days and will do an actual count and post it. The 65 moa was supposed to be a pre-production sample that was a final model.
Thanks again. I would like to find a scope that has at least 70-80in. of adjustment as it's going on a Sako without a tapered base. I would like to be able to reach 1500yds. I hope I don't have to end up tring to find the cash for a NXS!
Thanks for the advice but I already have 3 of them and was looking for something different if possible. I would like to see if I can find something with maybe 100in of adjustment, though I might just have to go buy another Leupold LR. I was looking at a Burris BD 3x12x50 mildot, it has 100in but I'm not sure if it's enough power.
Hate to tell you this but the Burris turrets are just not in the same league as the NXS, Nikon Tactical or Leupold LR or MK4 scopes. Wish they were as they are sharp and bright scopes, but the turrrets are not up to the other guys for size, snappy clicks, ease of zeroing, or repeatability.

If you are used to the bigger, more tactile turretst you will immediately note that the Burris BD or Signature turrets aren't there. I have seen one that has an extra click in it per revolution for instance. I shoot the Burris scopes a lot but always get bugged by the mickey-mouse turrets.

Turrets may not be a big deal to most shooters but they are for LR, simple as that.
Ya know that's why I like it here. You ask a question, look for advice and you get it, straight and up front. Thanks for the heads up about the Burris turrets, looks like I'll just stick with what I'm used to and can afford, Leupold!
A fellow I shot with last weekend had a new Leupold 6.5-20 x 50 LR (30mm tube) and it was a beautiful scope. Nice size, extremely good performance. It had excellent turrets and the fellow could turn up the power and see bullet holes a long way out.
Believe it might be a slightly shortened version of the 8.5-25 that DC likes so much.
If you aren't stuck on a variable, and might wish to spend WAY less than the models you've suggested, you might try the Tasco SS16x42 (as built for military contract bids several years ago). 30mm main tube, rear parallax adjustment (where the mag ring would be on a variable) with target turrets and etched glass mil-dot reticle. Fully multicoated optics, matte black. 105 MOA of elevation, and the same amount of windage. Clicks are 1/4 MOA type.

I've got a couple of them, and they perform as well as my Leupold Mark 4 scopes (of which I have three). I have a third Tasco SS16x42 for sale (as I just have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF). Slight ring marks, otherwise perfect condition. (Sold the rifle this one was previously on...) $269 shipped, including the BC flip up covers. Just thought I'd mention it.

Anybody in the market for a lower powered variable, I also have a like-new Leupold M1 LR w/illuminated mil-dot reticle. 3.5-10x40 w/side focus, BC flip up covers. No marks whatsoever. Hasn't been used, but movers tossed the box (and the green cloth, sob!).
Save $120 vs. DEALER price, and $200 vs. SWFA or Bear Basin. Buy this one for $695 plus shipping.
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