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Mar 19, 2002
western ND
This afternoon I had a chance to handle a new Nikon Tactical 2.5-10x44. Seems to be a very high quality scope. Anybody have any experience with these yet? Am especially interested to know if the turret adjustments are accurate and repeatable. An interesting thing I noticed is that according to literature in the box, these have a "full lifetime warranty" even to someone who is not the original owner and no warranty card to fill out, but they are not warrantied for "abuse, misuse or accidents". Apparently Nikon is trying to improve their warranty to compete with, shall we say, another competitor? Any comments will be appreciated (especially if they come before I plunk down 9 bills for this unit)! Thanks! mudstud


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Oct 21, 2003
I have one, and have been very happy. The adjustments are repeatable, and the clarity is very good.

Nate Haler

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Dec 27, 2001
occupied, USA
Nikon's always had an excellent warranty, as do virtually all of the major scope brands.

Some think Leupold has cornered the market on such things, which is baloney.

What does the consumer care if the scope is replaced or repaired, as long as the problem is solved?

There have never been more good choices available in optics then we have at present, and virtually none of the major brands will blink if you have a problem. They'll just solve it.

BTW, you can get that scope for a good bit less than $900 if you buy it from this vendor: ry=608

$845 for the illuminated version, and $100 less for the regular type.

Another excellent alternative is the IOR Valdada brand (available from same vendor for the best prices in the USA).

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