Nikon Tactical 2.5X10X44

Desert Fox

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Jan 31, 2002
Just acquired a slightly used one from an auction block. Planning to replace the Mark 4 16X that is currently mounted on my 308 Tactical Rifle which is way to much scope for this rifle. Never owned a Nikon scopes, so any comments are welcome. Thanks and by the way, I paid $490.19 for it plus $14 for the shipping. Is it a good deal or what?. I have 3 days satisfaction return guarantee.
I've got the same scope on a 6.5 wssm, it's a solid unit, good glass, repeatable turrets, everything a guy wants in an upper mid-range scope. Mine was a tad under $600 new in the box.

Excellent price for a very good scope. I have used several ever since they were first introduced and they are solid performers. Mounted one on a very light .416 Rigby that had just wrecked another scope in only seven shots, That particular Nikon is still perfect, despite a lot of abuse from the Rigby.
Hope you are happy with it, we sure like the ones we use.
Thank's Ian. Tonight, I did a little reading about Nikon from Sniper Country's article on scopes and all were positives. I believe it will be a winner. I will mount it on my 308 Tactical rifle and will post the result here.
Finally got the Nikon mounted and went to the range this morning to rezero the rifle. We have several days of really windy and freezing condition. This morning was no difference eiher but a litle better than the previous day. The wind was a steady 3 -5 miles with occasional gust of about 7MPH. Bad day for testing but what the heck, any day shooing is better than no shooting at all. Fired a total of 5 shot to get the rifle zeroed and then did a box test to see how the scope track. Here's the sequenced and the result. Fired no.1 at the center target dial up 3 MOA and 2 MOA right, and fired shot no2, Dial the elevation turret 6MOA down fired shot no. 3 then dial windage turret 4MOA left and fired shot no. 4, Bring elevation up 6 MOA and fired shot no.5 and the final shot no.6, 2MOA right, 3MOA down.

Here's the target


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