nikon monarch 3x12-42 any reviews ?

ol mike

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Aug 21, 2005
not florda
Looking at getting a nikon monarch 3x12-42 for a 22-250 coyote rifle -shots can be point blank too 300yards -I have a nikon monarch 5.5x16.5-44 and have had a few predators escape b/c 5.5x is a lot of magnification at 40 feet.
I see them on sale for $329 -pretty good price for decent glass and side focus.
OK thanks for any help.Mike
I have one. I assume you are getting the side focus version ? Take a look at the M223 version in the same magnification, it has exposed turrets and sometimes can be basically the same price. Opticsplanet is your friend.
I've got the 3x12 on my 204win. It's hard to beat for the price. My Dad has the M223 on his AR and I have a Leupold Mark AR on mine. He paid alot less for the same quality of glass. It's pretty hard to beat the Monarch, as far as bang for your buck. You might look at the Vortex Viper in the same magnification. They're at least on par for quality and price, and the glass is a little better on their low end stuff.
Thanks for the info guys -I have a 5.5x16.5-44 that has been a workhorse so i'm going to go w/the monarch.
I'm a Zeiss guy but they don't offer much in variety these days. [conquest line].
This scope will be used from treestand shooitng where ranges can be 10 yards or out of shooting houses over clear cuts where ranges can be 500yards.
The 3x12 seems like a good balance.
Thanks Mike
fwiw, the new Leupold 4-12x40 AO VX-2 (not the older VX-II which doesn't have the glass quality) can be bought for not much more $. And it'll focus down to 10 yards easily. Much better customer service/repair than Nikon, and resale value much better. Frankly, in my experience the new SF Monarchs aren't as good as the old AO ones like you have.
But then again the focus at 10 yds. for Deer hunting doesn't matter if the power setting is turned down for the posssible close shot as it should be.
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