Nightforce Zero Stop


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Jun 25, 2003
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My source for this is(was) dubious at best.
Some time ago I read on a thread somewhere that a friend of a friend had obtain a set of Zero stop turretst from Nightforce esssentially by calling up and bugging them.

Is there any way to get a hold of this system and, is it the ducks guts it's made out to be?
Will it just be a matter of time before they release it?

Its real simple to just make your own stops. You drill and tap a hole in the turret knob, put in a set screw and thats the Zero stop. I have done several for customers.
BD, I can't picture that. Are you saying that the knob is then locked down by the allen screw and you must unscrew the allen screw in order to again loosen the knob and change the clicks?
They are releasing scopes with zero stops, I know a few guys who have them now. I just took a razor edge and made a small scratch under the bottom of the elevation turret at the 100 yard zero. Made the mark at 7 o'clock if you were looking at the scope from shooting position. Easy to spot and I just crank down to the tick mark and line up the zeros.

What Black Diamond is describing is no doubt a better fix, and would probably not cost 165 bucks like the factory zero stop mod.
called nightforce and they said you could zero your dials after sighting in. Is there a difference with what you guys are talking about?
Zero stop is just that. It STOPS the knob at your set zero. You can crank the knob at night or even under water back to this stop and the knob will travel no further.
A tactical spoofoo mantra. I'd like to look in one myself.
Who has a picture of how NF does their zero stop?

Have you got a pic of the way you do yours?

I can only think of many ways to accomplish it, but before doing one myself I'd like to see what's been done already.

I think somewhere in my archives I have a diagram that came with my Zero Stop that shows quite well how it works.

The chances of me finding it before you and I go into a nursing home are not too good, though.
You simply drill and tap a vertical hole near the edge of the turret cap, the allen screw is adjusted so the turret only goes so far back down. Click it up as far as you want, turn it back down when it stops it should be at the zero point where you started. Its so simple it sounds difficult.

I dont have a pic to show but i will send a drawing to Brent and he can post it.
Black Diamond 408
i think i got what you are saying, how small is the set screw? smaller that size 4? I was trying to find something to rig my M1 turets for zero stop
and this is better than what i had in mind

depending on how much material you have to drill into, i used #6 for the Nightforce. Make sure the screw will bottom out on a fixed area of the scope.
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