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Jan 2, 2002
Anybody know when this feature will be available? and do the guys that click to range think this is a good feature? looks like a good thing to me. is it worth waiting for?

Brent, basicly its a steele insert that can you lock once you get your zero. So no matter what you always return to origanal zero. Unfortanly it is only available to police and millitary
, and from what I hear they have no plans to make a civillian version. Altough if you bugged'em enough, you never know.

Take care.
It was avalible a few months back to the public, now we just have to wait and see if we can have it. Maybe you can get a LEO friend to order it for you!

How about it Chris you want to place an order for us

Other than the new Nightforce option, which scope has the best "return to zero" markings for the target turrets? I missed a long range shot last year because I got confused at one point and instead of return to zero, I was 15 moa (one full revoloution) low. Since then I've been wanting a scope that would have a better way of knowing you're at the correct zero when dialing more than one full revoloution...



The is NO WAY to mess up your 100 yard zero on any of Leupolds M3 scopes. You may not like the 1MOA elevation and .5 moa windage, but it's dead on repeatable every time and it's physically impossible to be one revolution off.

For 1000 yard shooters these are great scopes. For these guys,,, the 55 moa turrets may be a limiting factor.

Roger, heres something we do sometimes. Measure the space from the bottem of your turret to the bottem of your turret post, with dial calipers. Then take a little piece of steele or tin dosent really matter as long as it wont bend or wear out, and cut it to your measurement, to make a shim. Take a hot glue gun, or you can use super glue but its a little harder to clean if you want to change, and put a little on your shim you made
and stick it in. When you want to change just pull it off. Hope this made since, if not let my know. Anyways just an idea.

Very nice. Would expand the number of scopes I'm considering if I used this fix. Thanks!

Right now my Nightforce is zeroed on the 4th revolution, so the when the dial is on zero and on the line also I'm right on my 100 yd zero. I just count up from there when I go out farther. Mine always goes back to my 100yd zero by counting the revs and numbers back when I'm done at the range and is verified by the 40 moa line at the edge of the dial. It isn't that big of deal to me because I'm not shooting in the dark like some guys might need to and I am looking right at it so it's pretty easy to see when your one rev off on the barrel.

you bring up a good point. I have my 100 yard zero for my non M3 rifle scopes recorded from bottom stop and right wind to zero. In a pinch,, I can just dial it down to stop and come back up, then dial right and come back to center.

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